Country Risk Assesment

We provide

VEROCY provides tailored solutions to help you manage, understand and counter country risk.

Counter country risk is focused on an in-depth understanding of the political, economic, security and operational environment in all countries of the MENA region, with additionally give you the network and access to key players.

VEROCY’s country risk assessment and tools entail also the option to evaluate your external and domestic context, provide forecasts for risks (economic, human, legal, security, military, terrorism, political and theft/laundry/bribes) to increase overall profitability, set up your own risk systems and assessment tools, and conduct foresight scenario planning and impact analysis.

Main areas for clients to use our methodology and insights are:

  • To develop company or government strategies
  • To leverage leverage our network of more than 1,000 locally placed experts, systematized forecasting methodology, and advanced risk analytics

Find out why strategic planners, risk managers and security leaders rely on us to:

  • Understand local dynamics
  • Develop strategy
  • Select projects
  • Evaluate social and socio-economic impact
  • Link risk intelligence and real-time analytics to your own products/operations
  • Calculate and assess risks based on specific asset/operations locations, based on inhouse-local country sources.
  • Address market changes, political-economic opportunities and high risk developments.