Energy Market Studies

We provide

VEROCY can deliver the instruments and insights to:

  • Develop and optimize your portfolio in the EMEA region.
  • Benchmark, rank and evaluate all the opportunities in country/ region and set up entry/exit strategies.
  • Understand and assess the current and future developments in the oil, gas, LNG and refinery markets.
  • Base your decision-making process on not only energy related instruments but combine this with a wide-range of decision making data points for political-financial-security risks in the EMEA region.

VEROCY holds over 25 years of experience in the international oil, gas and power sectors, based on a wide range of consultants working in hydrocarbon upstream (E&P)-downstream (pipelines, transportation, petro-chemicals sectors), power & water (IWPP, power generation (including solar), water (desalination, produced water). The consultants and advisors are not only highly experienced in technology and/or financial aspects of the OPEX/CAPEX environments but additionally hold a vast network of insight power players for new projects, market developments or M&A/investments opportunities.

The last years, VEROCY consultants have been working on major pipeline infrastructure projects in the MENA region, performed energy market studies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Levant, Libya and Nigeria-Angola. Capabilities have been built up by former experts and strategic advisors of the Top-4 management consultancies, Top-5 energy consultancies and IT- anagement advisors. At the same time, advisory reports have been written on a wide-range of other energy market developments, such as the impact of resource costs on reserve valuations, LNG as fuel for transportation, the role of Small Scale LNG for off grid markets, the new integrated oil company, OPEC’s conundrum, and offshore gas market developments in the Levant.

The myriad of new factors popping up on the table for investors and operators, such as reserve valuations, the impact of CO2 accounting, oil price developments,
resource nationalism and others, have to be taken into account. They all have an impact on return on investment (ROI). A deep knowledge, based on technical-commercial and geopolitical background and knowledge is needed to navigate the current and future landscape.

Optimal decisions are needed to counter the current challenges and uncertainties/risks. Investors, operators, and governments need to demand for best and most complete
information, based and supported by a detailed analysis of the entire oil and gas value chain.