Geopolitical Risk Assessment

We provide

VEROCY, with a vast network of analysts and partners, can assist, assess and address the management of geopolitical risks issues across multiple markets and regions worldwide.

Main experience and insights are available for the European – Middle East – African markets. With a dedicated team of regional experts, living in these regions, VEROCY will be able to negotiate a suitable policy to cover primary threats and give the hard-needed insights to build up the right background your operational decisions on the ground.

The international geopolitical landscape has become increasingly uncertain. Growing instability, civil war, fundamentalism and terrorism, proxy-wars, economic crisis and a multitude of financial risks have currently become a main factor in any investment, operational or M&A decision of governments, multinational organizations, financial institutions and companies.

The last years, due to the effects of the Arab Spring, Ukraine-Russia, Turkey, Iranian sanctions, international organizations and financial institutions have elevated their awareness of inherent challenges in regions of concern. Instability has become a fact of life, but still it is hard to assess and quantify the impact on overall business and multilateral relations on a daily basis. Seemingly tranquil countries and regions can erupt quickly, and the nature of events is becoming increasingly unpredictable. A new fact of life is also that some can be fueled by social media. The risk of business interests concentrated in one or a few regions is has become an major issue for companies but also governments and multilateral organizations, such as the EU, NATO, OPEC and others.