The Arab SWF Monitor is a monthly newsletter which monitors, analyzes, and forecasts investments trends in MENA and Turkey.

Today, 15 December 2016, two geopolitical risk consultancies, VEROCY ( and Gulf State Analytics (, have come together to produce the “Arab SWF Monitor” as a joint venture. VEROCY is based in The Netherlands and Gulf State Analytics is based in Washington DC, USA.

Arab SWF Monitor is a monthly newsletter which monitors, analyzes, and forecasts investment trends across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The publication examines sovereign wealth fund (SWF) activities and investment strategies of Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Two geopolitical risk consultancies - Gulf State Analytics and VEROCY - produce Arab SWF Monitor as a joint venture. Gulf State Analytics is based in Washington, DC and VEROCY in the Netherlands.

Heightened geopolitical instability naturally increases security risks for all stakeholders in the global economy. In today’s age, relatively small-scale political unrest can quickly bear global repercussions across the world. Arab SWF Monitor analyzes investment trends, focusing on the activities of governments, multinational organizations, financial institutions, and corporations’ in Arab countries and Turkey. The latter will include not only their direct links to MENA based economic and financial stability and strategic changes, but also assess SWFs’ impact on global economies, such as the United States, European Union, and Asia.

The increased role of Arab SWFs, such as Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), and others, on the future of the MENA region, and the global markets, necessitates an in-depth analysis of ongoing changes, restructuring and emerging players in international markets. Low oil prices, ongoing conflicts in several MENA states, Iran’s partial reintegration to the global economy, Russia’s rising influence in the region, the Islamic State and al-Qaeda’s ongoing threats to security have created new challenges and opportunities which lenders, investors, traders, and policymakers across the world must understand.

The main products and reports will be published via, where you also can assess other reports, subscriptions or contacts for analysis.


Verocy is a Netherlands-based integrated risk consultancy, focusing on the MENA region. Its main areas of expertise include energy, defense, security, geopolitical risks, and financial institutions. Based on its vast network and strategic alliances, as well as over 25 years of experience in the MENA region, Verocy provides consulting, M&A advise, financial and technical due diligence, country risk analysis, and defense-security support. The company’s website is


Gulf State Analytics (GSA) is a Washington, DC-based geopolitical risk consultancy. The firm assesses risks and opportunities among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states for lenders, traders, investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders. The company’s website is