Dr. Cyril Widdershoven

Founder and Sr. Advisor Geopolitics & Country Risk

Cyril Widdershoven is a veteran global energy market expert and founder of Verocy. He holds several advisory positions at various international think tanks and Western energy firms. Dr. Widdershoven, with his regional expertise in Africa and the Middle East, oversees the Mediterranean Energy Political Risk Consultancy. Across the MENA region, he has been heavily involved in the oil and gas sectors throughout his career, holding positions at Capgemini Consulting (Principal Consultant Centre of Excellence Oil and Gas International (Calgary, Canada), Deloitte Financial Advisory Services (Senior Manager, Oil & Gas), and as Senior Financial Analyst Oil & Gas Sector FDA, where he managed and advised the oil and gas department on equity and bond markets.

Dr. Widdershoven has led energy publications, including North Africa Oil and Gas Magazine (now called Petroleum Africa), the Middle East Oil Gas Newsletter and Africa Oil Newsletter at Newsbase (UK). Over the span of several decades he has lived and worked in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, Iraq, and the UAE, and also taken on extended projects for clients in Oman, Iran, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey. Dr. Widdershoven earned his post graduate degrees at King’s College, University of London, Department of War Studies, and an M.A. in Middle East Studies at the University of Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Mr. Rob van de Stel

Founder and Sr. Advisor Technology Investment & Valorization

He holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering and has successfully completed several business management, marketing and economics courses to support his career. His most recent graduation is from Vlerick Business School where he completed the Executive Masterclass in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Rob has 20 years of experience in business management and marketing of complex technical product portfolio’s. In the past 7 years, he has been working for the research and technology development organization TNO as the Sr. Manager New Business & Ventures of TNO Energy.

Rob has an extensive international experience and worked in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, South Africa, Europe, Canada, India and Dutch Antilles. He initiated and worked on projects with Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Qatar Petroleum, ADNOC, Shell, RasGas, Alba, Dubal, Qatalum, Qapco, Bapco, ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel, etc.

He supports companies with the assessment, development and valorization of (new) technology in all economic sectors but he has a special interest in technology that will maximize the value of natural energy resources. Before TNO he was Commercial Director at the Insulcon Group, and he was Business Manager/Producer of Medialab at ATG Europe.

He is also Chairman and fundraiser of the Dutch Rett Syndrome Foundation. An organization that is organizing fundraising events and sponsors basic research and lead development for pharmaceutical inteventions and treatments for Rett Syndrome.

Mr. Oscar Balhuizen

Sr. Advisor Financial, Energy & Commodity Risk

He brings over 20 years of experience in the area of Risk Management and Corporate Finance, specialized in the Energy & Commodity area. Besides, Mr. Balhuizen has worked for 10 years with Deloitte, focusing on Financial Advisory Services.. Mr. Oscar Balhuizen is also Associated Partner with Berkeley and responsible for post merger services.

At Deloitte, Mr. Balhuizen was the responsible for the Dutch Energy & Commodity Risk Advisory group serving numerous international clients. Selection of clients served: RWE, Union Fenosa, Endesa, Iberdrola, DONG, Statkraft, Scottish Power, MVM, CEZ, Trainel, NuoN, Essent, Delta, Eneco, ONS, Shell, Mittal, Van der Sluijs Groep, Nidera, Kollo, Paperlinx, KLM and Akzo. Prior to his association with Berkeley, from 2010 till 2014, Mr. Balhuizen was the Corporate Risk Manager with the largest independent player in the Western European downstream oil market, Argos. Mr. Balhuizen was part of the management team and his main task was to design and implement a new Governance & Risk structure for the whole group, including the international trading activities.

The experience of Mr. Balhuizen includes: From 2000 till 2005: Assisting Delta with transforming their trade valuation process from cost accounting to mark to market accounting, including the selection and implementation of a ECRM software solution. In 2004 and 2005: Validating the cash flow & hedging models used for external financing for an European Oil Refinery. In 2005 till 2007: Designing a new valuation methodology for Nuon for the valuation of trading portfolios under IAS39. From 2007 till 2010: Assisting various European Utilities (Endesa, RWE, DONG and Iberdrola) with developing Virtual Powel Plant auctions, in order to comply with European antitrust regulations. From 2010 till 2014: Design and implementation of a comprehensive governance and risk structure for Argos, including new credit and market risk methodologies, process & business improvements, cash flow and gross margin optimizations. Mr. Balhuizen earned his degree Technical Business Management with the TH Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

Dr. Robert Cutler

Sr. Advisor Energy Security & Geo-Economics 

Robert M. Cutler was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The University of Michigan, and is senior research fellow, Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Carleton University, Canada; and Fellow, Canadian Energy Research Institute. After over a dozen years in major universities in the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland and Russia, he expanded into policy analysis and consulting, foremost as an Energy Security and Geo-economics Specialist. A recognized authority entirely at ease in all milieux, he is internationally sought out by electronic and print interviewers. He is fully fluent in French and English.

He has over 20 years’ experience analyzing energy security and geoeconomics including consult- ing to international institutions, energy firms, governments, NGOs; framing research and policy issues, leading research teams, producing briefings and bulletins. He maintains a constant online presence of expert commentary and analysis; has published scores of refereed academic articles, policy articles, book chapters; has spoken to international conferences, testified to government committees; and is noted for recognizing significant developments before they become evident. His skill sets include sets include Negotiation & Strategy, Design & Implementation, Planning & Execution, and Evaluation & Instruction

Mr. Chris Schomper

Sr. Advisor Project Development Infrastructure Projects

Chris Schomper (MBA) holds since 2009 the position of Director Business Development and Project Director for A Hak International, with a main focus on the Middle East and Russia for Oil and Gas. During this time he has been largely working from the Dubai office on projects in Iraq.  He has a wide-range of experience in infrastructure related projects, with a focus on pipelines onshore and offshore.

He is working for all major oil and gas companies in the Middle East, including NOCs and IOCs such as Shell, BP, Gazprom. Projects concluded are Leighton/SOC pipeline project FAO Island (Iraq), Shell Iraq oil pipeline, Zubair oil field and DS1 Majoon oil field.  During the same time he has been working on a wide-range of other projects, supporting clients upstream-midstream and downstream in EMEA region.

Before joining A-Hak International, he held several other positions, such as managing director of A Hak Industrial Services, which was a part of Union Carbide till 1990. The latter had offices all over Europe and Middle East South Africa and the USA. A-Hak Industrial Services, which is still part of, is a multidisciplinary services company, providing cleaning and services to pipelines, furnaces, intelligent pigging with ultrasonic. Main focus area are shutdowns at Shell Hycon, Dow, ICI, Total ,and offshore testing of all pipework's of platforms. He holds an MBA of the University of London (Harvard Degree), while being educated as an engineer, HTS BSc.

Mr. Sander Boon

Sr. Advisor Scenario Development

In 2016 Sander Boon joint Veocy's scenario development team. Sander has co-founded Symetrics in 2014, which is a software and consulting company specializing in building risk analytics and scenario software.

In 2012 Sander published his book ‘De geldbubbel’ (The Money Bubble), a book about the interrelation between history, politics, economics and the monetary system. In 2007 together with a well- known journalist/fund manager Willem Middelkoop, Sander worked on a bestseller “The Big Reset” about the shaky foundations of the financial and monetary system. From 2006 till 2010, he worked on a weekly newsletter about geopolitics, the monetary system, financial markets and the credit crisis. Sander regularly publishes articles in the media.

As a graduate of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, he has worked at political think tanks, specializing in monetary, financial, and economic topics. In 2003 Sander co-founded the Frédéric Bastiat foundation, a think tank disseminating free market thinking and a sound monetary system.

Mr. Arezki Daoud, MSc

Sr. Advisor Geopolitics & Energy Markets 

Mr. Daoud currently also serves as the Chief Executive of MEA Risk LLC, a risk advisory firm currently focused on Africa and the Middle East and serving organizations in the extraction industry, government, security, and others. 

Prior to founding MEA Risk, Arezki was active in the high-technology sector working for advisory firm IDC in Boston. He provided guidance and advisory services to blue-chip companies like IBM, Dell, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and a large group of companies in North America and Asia. Arezki is fluent in English, French and Arabic with expertise on blending information with the use of the latest tech platforms for effective information delivery and access.

Mr. Michel Veul. MSc

Sr. Advisor Institutional Investing

Around twenty years of experience in equity, industry and strategic analysis across many sectors, including industry, retail, media and transport. Entrepreneur. Strong and well-funded opinions and always looking for the story behind the data. Have been able to trigger people regularly with my creative, new insights and thoughts. Highly appreciated sparring partner for management. Adept in financial analysis, industry analysis, future foresights, entrepreneurship, investments and valuations.    

Dr. Peter Heemeijer

Sr. Advisor Economics & Econometrics

Peter Heemeijer has PhD research in Experimental Economics at CeNDEF, University of
Amsterdam and he is Head of Software Development and managing partner at Symetrics. He oversees software development, technical innovation and fundamental design of SyMath, Symetrics' behavioural risk analytics platform.

He was Senior Investment Manager at the ABN AMRO Pension Bureau. As an expert, he focused on Corporate bonds, currency overlays, corporate governance, liability‐driven investments, benchmark‐driven investments, asset manager monitoring and risk management.

He was Researcher and Monetary Policy Analist at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB and focused on inflation development in the euro area, inflation expectations, economic experiments applied to monetary policy, fiscal and economic development of Greece.

From 2006 until 2008 he was Assistant Professor in Quantitative Economics at University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business. Courses taught: Dynamical systems, Advanced Microeconomics, Introductory Econometrics, Introductory Computer Programming.

Dr. Heiko Borchert

Sr. Advisor Security Risk

Since 1997 Heiko Borchert has been working as a security and defense policy consultant for public and private sector clients. Among others, his areas of work include armaments policy, critical infrastructure protection, cyber security, defense biometrics, defense-related science and technology, energy and resource supply security, maritime security, public-private security cooperation, and unmanned and autonomous maritime systems

He owns and manages Borchert Consulting & Research AG, a strategic affairs consultancy, and is also Associate Partner of the Wise Pens Team International, Subject Matter Expert with The Hague Center for Strategic Studies, and member of the advisory board of the Zeitschrift für Aussen- und Sicherheitspolitik.

Dr. Borchert has published more than 130 papers in his areas of work and is co-editor of a series of books on the theory and practice of the Comprehensive Approach. He has studied business administration, law, economics, and international relations at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he also received his Ph.D.