Asset Management Solutions

The CEREBRO family solutions offer real-time asset management solutions for optimal financial performance, portfolio management, data analysis and performance reporting.

Wealth Radar

A unique approach to econometric asset portfolio management to enhance performance of assets under management and to assure compliance with regulatory requirements. 


Critical incidents monitor

VISCER-Ci offers the latest information on security risk and stability on a region, nation or group of countries on the African continent.

The latest events and incidents are captured, analyzed and disseminated by teams on the ground.


Shield & Alert

The Must-Have Travel Security Companion

Shield & Alert (S&A) takes the data and the due diligence performed on the desktop platform and deploys it into the mobile world for IMMEDIATE access to critical information.

In addition, it leverages crowd sourcing to enhance tracking. It is truly your eyes and ears on the ground so you are informed of risk around you.


Location-based social media monitoring

VISCER-Sm lets you perform location based social media monitoring anywhere in the world.

Filter through the social chatter and get the data you need. Identify influencers, trends, and demographics within the geo-fenced area, and more ...