Location-based social media monitoring

Locate - Listen - Analyze

Verocy provides social media investigations and VISCER Sm empowers organisations to save time and be more effective in collecting and analyzing data from social media networks real-time.

Actionable information can be generated to prevent attacks on people and assets through location based monitoring, person of interest profiling, keyword searches and by automating numerous alerts.

VISCER Sm collects more data than any other tool, has a simple user interface, features real time threat alerts and finds TrueID.

VISCER Sm is highly customizable and can be tailored to your exact specifications in order to find whatever social media data you need to make the most informed decisions.


Location-based monitoring gives the ability to cut through the massive amounts of social chatter and focus on local and relevant social information. More than 23 social media networks can be monitored real time for a specific geo-fenced area anywhere in the world.

VISCER Sm is now giving users the ability to identify potential risks, targets and threats through social data analysis including sentiment, real-time alerts, and trends. These features are making it easier than ever to safeguard your locations in a semi-automated fashion.

Person of interest analysis

Monitor and profile people by social media handles or email and combined with keywords, hashtags or other complex rules, in real-time or save a monitor for ongoing monitoring and anaysis.

Perform mapping of social networks by viewing connections between an unlimited amount of people.

Advanced analysis

Filter through the social chatter and get the data you need. Filter by keyword, sentiment, date range, influence, followers, shares and translate through a click of a button.

Perform advanced analysis using geolocation lenses, data visualization and refinement tools.

Alerts & Reporting

View social media posts and conversations as they happen with customized alerts and be notified in advanced for potential threats and vulnerabilities. Alerts and notifications can be integrated with surveillance systems and send to various devices using different formats.

Report results with Photo Wall Display or in .pdf,.doc, .xls formats. Integrate with BI and CRM applications and share data using JSON.